Friday, 6 January 2012

Surfacing from the primordial soup

...a cycle ride/dog walk out to the woods is just what the doctor ordered.

Especially when it's in the company of a good friend.

Time to chat, grumble, put the world to rights, smile and plan the future.

Then back home for a cup of tea.

The sandy cheese and onion rolls consumed by an enthusiastic hound (who has no taste buds).

The contentment of a child totally engrossed

Sand is a wondeful art material

Sticks, glorious sticks.


Anne B said...

Sounds wonderful and lovely pictures. Getting out really does make everything better, doesn't it?

Jennifer Williams said...

I'm off to do just that with a friend this morning - quite glad hubby has gone back to work this weekend and we can go back to our usual muddling through, accompanied by baby squeals - oh how he loves his newfound squeal!!

Carol said...

Would like to go out but it hasn't stopped raining yet.....