General Resources
Annenberg Learner - educational video series for teachers, but suitable for older children. US, but appears to be secular.
A Little Bit of Structure - Forum for resources and chat. For those who want a little or a lot of structure in their home ed. All welcome. (UK focus, but all welcome)
Activity Village Lots of free themed printouts and craft ideas for younger children. Pages a bit cluttered with adverts, but some gems. (UK)
Ambleside Online - online curriculum based on the Charlotte Mason (Christian) approach. (US)
Barrington Stoke - books for struggling readers
BBC Learning Zone Clips (video clips)  (UK)
BBC Teachers - teaching resources, lesson plans, worksheets, term planner. (UK).
BBC Schools Radio - podcasts, audio stories, downloads, accompanying notes (UK).
BBC Schools - Educational resources. (UK)
Class Central - university level online courses offered by MIT/Harvard etc. Courses run at various times of the year, via video/forum and includes maths, physics, computer science and humanities, plus others. Some of the intro courses might be suitable for older children.
Comic maker - simple online comic maker
Cool Reads for 10-15 yr olds
Cosmo Learning - almost 500 free online courses in 36 academic subjects. Includes videos.
Culture24's - UK museum educational resources online links
Design a rollercoaster 
Documentary Films for free (some adult/PG themes). Easiest to browse by category.
Documentary Addict online documentaries, searchable by title and category
Donna Young's Printables and Resources - subject schedules, homeschooling planners, some subject resources etc. Written by a US homeschooling mum. Not our cup of tea, but the compulsive-organiser may find it useful to save them some time. Has a Christian/Creationist bias. 
Educational inventions - Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop. Free downloadables on various subjects. Can also recommend the (fee-based) chemistry curriculums. - quite 'schooly'. Has printable worksheets, activities etc, listed by grade. (US).
Enchanted Learning - themed printouts/activities for pre-school and primary age children. Free access to
some materials. Or pay a yearly membership fee for full access. (US)
Fantastic contraption (apologies for ads)
Flush Tracker - track the route of your poo through the sewage system. Trust me, you'll be entranced.
Free wordsearch creator- create your own wordsearch, choose the subject, the words, the size grid. Great for all ages, but particularly ideal for creating very basic wordsearches for children just learning to read.
Homeschool Freebies - Free resources for home educators, every day. "Unit Studies, Ebooks, Audio Programs, Games, Samples, Lesson Plans, classic books" etc. Often things that are out of copyright, (i.e. old or old fashioned), but there are some gems among them. (US, sometimes Christian emphasis, but otherwise mixed).'s top 100 homeschooling websites. 2011/12. US emphasis, but still some useful sites for UK based home educators.
Khan Academy - maths, physics, history, finance etc video tutorials
MESC free downloadable science, maths, geography, history and English textbooks. From Samoa.
MIT Open Courseware - lecture notes, exams and videos from MIT (US) (Secondary/undergrad age).
Montessori free printables - music, vocabulary, seasonal etc. For younger children.
Montessori materials not just suitable for montessori style education. Printables and cards for younger children. Also 'story paper' to print out.
Muddle Puddle - HE resources, ideas, information. All ages, but especially younger children.
NeoK12 - educational videos, activities, games etc for all ages.(US)
Open University Creative Archive (video clips) (UK)
Open Courseware consortium - university level educational materials organised as courses
Project Britain - Pictorial 'facts a day' calendar. Also festivals, customs/traditions and moon online calendars
Phonics lessons - spelling rules, games etc
Primary Resources
Reading Eggs - an online reading programme for beginner readers. Repetitive, but fun and it seems to work.You can sign up for a free trial, but after that it costs. This is the UK-based website so has UK spellings.
Scholastic downloadable teaching resources  (Download resources for a fee)
SEN Teacher - all sorts of educational printables for children with special needs. Also includes photo ards, facial expression cards, certificates etc.
Starfall Learn to Read with Phonics - online reading programme/resources. Free. You can purchase associated books.
Storm the Castle - great for medieval and general weaponry creative ideas. Tutorials for projects for history, science and other. Search for dioramas - great ideas for all modelmaking!
Teacher created resources - includes downloadable ebooks (for a fee).
Teacher's Domain "Free digital media service for educational use....resources, support materials, and tools for classroom lessons, individualized learning programs..." (Registration wasn't working when I last tried it,but I was still able to view the videos on site.)
Tony Poulter - a whole heap of links to resources
Touch typing programme for children
Woodlands Primary School  Maths, English, Geography, phases of the moon, British culture, and lots more - online games, activities, information, calendars. Resources are from UK.
Xtreme Papers - past exam papers and revision practice.


BBC languages  free language courses,etc.
Enchanted learning - Spanish printables
Enchanted Learning - German printables
Enchanted Learning - French printables
Enchanted Learning - Swedish printables
Enchanted Learning - Italian printables
Memrise - Language learning

(most have US emphasis).

Currclick - Lapbooks and study units to download. Some free or cheap. Have regular sales.
Free fun, hands-on study units - includes a yearly schedule for the use of the units, if you want some guidance. Lots of subjects. US and Christian emphasis (if you're atheist it's worth skipping past the religious references as there are still some interesting ideas for hands-on activities :) )
Pocket books and story timelines- cheap downloads.
Lapbooking - everything you ever wanted to know, plus links and downloads
Homeschoolshare - free lapbooks and units to download (some really good finds on here)
Teacher created resources - includes downloadable ebooks

STATIONERY - for printable sheets of graph, lined, manuscript and engineering paper etc.

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