Monday, 9 January 2012

Stone age hunter gatherer bags, (basic and deluxe editions), and other random sporrans

We've started on our Ancient History theme and are working roughly to the chapters and activities in The Story of the World Vol1.

However, there's very little on Ancient Britain and being a US classical education book it misses out anything that might include evolution, so we'll be supplementing for both these areas as and when we need. There are other activities we'd like to try out, including those from Encyclopedia of The Ancient World, and History Pockets so we'll slot those in as well.

Today we were making hunter gatherer bags. I had a bundle of fake fur in the loft and this proved the most popular option with the kids.

As the kids found out, it takes practice to work out just how shapes
drawn on material translate to finished product.
Mentioning seam allowances and the need for the bag to actually
have room to carry something - anything - is obviously a BAD thing.
(Just as well we have a lot of material!)

ds2 discovers that sewing fur fabric isn't as easy as it looks.
How those stone age people must have struggled!

Hunter gatherer pouch

Onwards to the outdoors!
(Dressed appropriately for foraging in the fields)
My theory is that the mammoths died out because
they got stuck in the mud. It's just a theory, mind.

Evidently it works with teenagers too.
Hunter Gatherer bag, deluxe version.

Stone Age Cat

Ok, that's taking the P. Get off the sewing materials!

Hunter gatherer belt pouch

And close-up.
My comments about it looking like a sporran probably weren't helpful.


Angela said...

Really great bags!

Anne B said...

Love the stone age cat!

Ruth said...

Love the bags and the stone age cat. our lay on the sewing stuff too ;)

Pip said...

the minute something soft and fluffy is left, it's an invite to a cat to come and lay on it!!
Great creating!!

KP Nuts said...

Great post :)

Motherfunker said...

I want one of those stone age bags! Awesome idea :-)