Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Small scale education (or how to build the Nile in less than an hour)

How something on a miniature scale can take up your entire table for a day.

Ok, so someone got a bit carried away with the annual 'flooding'.
The trouble with organising an activity is that someone will always want to do something else.

Then, after all that exertion creating The Nile and populating Egypt with small plastic houses and overly large wicker boats, time to have a rest and run around the woods:

Wot no teeth?

Woodland pose

Strange 'man of the trees'


Ella said...

That Nile is fabulous! I'll be filing this one away :)

KP Nuts said...

That really does look like a man in the trees.

My Sapphire was mad on ancient eqypt when she was just 3 - we had DVDs, books, sticker books, the playmonil Eqyptian family, saw the Mummies in Brighton Museum then went to the British Museum and she said "Why is all this here Mum when it should be in Eqypt?"

and she has hardly spoken of it since!

I it really sad that none of the historical topics that really inspire (like this one) are examined for GCSE - I believe the sylabus is all much more modern.

DId you see my post about the horrible histories team looking for facts for the next series? If your fact is chosen you win a prize!