Friday, 13 January 2012

Home Educators do it with buttocks

You're thinking about the title, I know. Hold that thought...

A day of museums.

Sketching at the Natural History Museum

My Old Friend

 And then a trip to Egypt

A Step Pyramid (and a small child)

The gruesome bit (much loved by children)

The Sinuhe Ostracon (apparently)

Sobek, Crocodile God


Stone blades

Model Egyptian boats

And then a wander to the covered market...

To the cake decorating shop (let's not mention the inferiority complex I have about my baking skills)

Hey, anyone could do that.

And then finally what you've all been waiting for...

Home educators do it with buttocks?

Education of course!

Friend and I stare for a while. 'Mmm...there's a nice firm pair of buttocks, don't you think?' Very educational.

Let's not talk about the front, shall we?


Pip said...

lol!!!!! goodness me!!
Can i ask, where the Egypt pics taken at the Ashmolian? I have promised B a trip to a museum next week and heard there was an Egyptian display on. Was it good? child friendly

Big mamma frog said...

Yes, the Ashmolean. And yes, very good.

Not much hands-on stuff for kids(the Ashmolean isn't really like that), but they do have an audio guide now for the Egypt galleries. Certainly lots to see and now that they've done up the Egypt galleries a bit there seem to be a lot more exhibits than there used to be.

The front desk might do a trail for the Egypt galleries, we didn't bother to ask.

The gallery assistants look less scared when I take children in now than they used to, so more child-friendly than it used to be a few years back. I think they might have had some training... :)

kelly said...

i miss the ashomolean and the pitt thing we don't have locally is a museum but you've inspired me to find one, even a teeny tiny local one. Thanks

Pip said...

Thanks for the info. will see if he fancies it. although i suspect we will be back at Tring as he really enjoyed the zoological museum there in the summer.

KP Nuts said...

As a result of your blog I started following them on twitter and they do workshops for children.When Ifirst read itI thought you'd been all over London. Great to be all in one place.

Big mamma frog said...

We've done one of the schools workshops once. Can't say I'd do it again.

It was the tambourine I think that pushed me over the edge (or perhaps the tamborine-enthusiast attached to it).

I got a fit of the giggles and had to hide behind an obelisk stiffling my guffaws for the entire session.

I'm such a naughty child. I can't be taken anywhere.

Raggy Rat said...

tee hee! brilliant! xxx