History Resources

Active History  resources and worksheets for age 11+ , particularly good for GCSE/IGCSE and AS level
BBC Class Clips (primary history) Video Clips
BBC Class Clips (secondary history) Video Clips
BBC History for Kids 
BBC Schools History (primary)
BBC Schools History (secondary)
Book of Centuries (timeline in a book) download. From Charlotte Mason website.
General History Khan Academy - free videos
Kings and Queens - Monarch 'fact cards'. Designed for the diamond jubilee but great for other things too. If you have a fancy printer you can print 4 to a page as I've done and then laminate them
The History Channel  (UK) - videos and other resources
The History Channel (US).
How to build a trebuchet
The History Cookbook - website with info on cooking by era and some recipe ideas.
Mythology learning Guide - student website where mythology (and other subjects) are explained in vernacular language. Also relates mythological stories to contemporary fiction.
NeoK12 - videos, games, activities.(Click on the history links from the list). Some history sections have the option to make a presentation (which you can then print out) by selecting photos from their collection of pictures and adding your own text.
Open University 'Open Learn' History - videos and other resources
Storm the Castle Great creative projects and ideas, particularly medieval and weaponry. Fab tips for dioramas, make a trebuchet etc.


BBC Ancient History 
Ancient China Unit - lots of links and resources
Ancient Egypt - lapbook download
Ancient Greece - lapbook download
Ancient Greece, China & Japan - Ellen McHenry free downloads for models, board games etc.
Ancient Rome - lapbook download
Fossil Focus Identification and information of fossils
Prehistoric - Cave Paintings The Lascaux Cave in France. A 'walk-through' photographic tour of the cave paintings. If you click on 'site map' there is information in English.
Prehistoric - Scara Brae settlement Videos and activities of this prehistoric settlement in Scotland.
Youtube history videos - a great playlist of history videos on youtube. Focus is on Ancient History, but there are others there too. The content ofYoutube links and adverts may not be suitable for all ages, so supervision may be necessary.



British Legion Remembrance Learning Pack 
World War I resources - our own blog of WWI themed historical fact and fiction, plus other WWI resources.

British Legion Remembrance Learning Pack
Home Front (WWII) Resource pack (scroll to bottom of page)
Imperial War Museum WWII resources
RAF Museum WWII resources Resource pack on WWII
TES Double sided Learning Mat (WWII) You'll need to register on the site to view the PDF. Very simple information. Might be adapted to a lapbook.
World War II - printable ration books and ID cards.

Shackleton's Antartic Bid - free downloadable teacher and student pack with suggested activities

Historical Fiction for Children - fab site, with books arranged by historical period. Have synopses and age recommendations. Invaluable. [Edit: the bibliography on this site has disappeared and isn't available via way back machine, but you can purchase a printed copy of the list on Amazon:
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Historical-Fiction-Children-Mary-Moffat/dp/1861852207 ]

Young adult historical novels
Historical Fiction Series Adult historical fiction series.
New Historical Fiction (written 2015)

FREE CLASSICAL CURRICULUM to fit in with a 4-year history cycle
Classical house of learning free reading list, literature guides, narration questions. American, may have a Christian slant in places, but book list can be adapted. Follows the 'Classical' 4 year history cycle (so could be used with Story of the World history books) Useful for the reading list, if nothing else.

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