English lit/Lang

Free online grammar and writing handbook
Penny Gardner Italic handwriting videos for learning print and cursive letters (you can download PDFs of handwriting sheets and instructions for around £10 from here. It's a nice simple font, that's good for children who struggle with curves and flourishes in writing. Two of my children learned handwriting using this method, although personally I find italic quite tricky!)
British Council website - designed for adults learning English, but some useful grammar and vocabulary resources for older children who struggle with the basics. Click on tabs at top of home page.

Millstone Education - (dead link) free literature units for primary and secondary. Includes reading schedules, discussion questions, excerpts etc. US website, but uses classic books, so not US-specific.
Learner.org Introduction to World Literature course videos, text and geographical information to accompany various world literature texts.

Classical house of learning free reading list, literature guides, narration questions. Follows the 'Classical' 4 year history cycle (so could be used with Story of the World books) Useful for the reading list, if nothing else. May have a Christian slant, but you can pick and choose from the books selected.

Lots to choose from, so I won't list them all. We've been using Language Lessons Through Literature with dd, who likes things incremental and step-by-step.
LLTL is a US curriculum, literature-based and gentle (but comprehensive). It follows a classical/Charlotte Mason style so also includes narration, copywork, grammar, poetry and picture study. We don't like their selection of poems (rather twee and Victorian) so use our own. We download the literature as audiobooks as this saves my time on read alouds, but if your child is a good independent reader then books are fine. From level 3 it includes diagramming, which might seem rather unnecessary to us Brits (dd doesn't seem to mind it). There is a little bit of Christian content, but this is usually in the form of extra copywork, so can easily be skipped. There are samples at the above site. Kathy De Vore, the author, also has a yahoo group where you can ask questions.

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