Saturday, 7 January 2012

Links and Resources

As you may have seen I've been beavering away (very slowly) to transfer my heap of resource links that were cluttering up the side bar to the tabs at the top of blog.

At the same time I've been checking (most of) the links to see

a) whether they are worth keeping and
b) whether they still work.

Trying to decide which links might be useful to others is tricky. The links that catch my eye (and my children's) may not be everyone's cup of tea. However I've provided a cross-section of academic and more hands-on so I think among them there will be something useful for everyone.

Trying to categorise resources was another headache. As my kids have never been to school, I've had many years of not thinking in traditional education style, of not boxing activities into curriculum subjects. So where do you draw the line between maths and physics? Where does geography end and science or history begin? Personally I think the lines are very blurred and any activity you do will most likely tick more than one 'subject box'. But despite this, in order to make the links manageable, I've done my best to group them under, what I think are the most useful, subject headings.

You may note I haven't got a tab for 'English/Literacy'. I'm reluctant to make a separate section for this because, well, I think pretty much any of the activities from any of the other tabs will more than cover literacy, if that's what you want. But perhaps in a while I'll put one up, just for 'learning to read' resources. If you know of any 'gems' I've missed out, do let me know.


Pip said...

thanks for posting these up. its great to go to a blog and be able to easily find things. I have been thinking about adding tabs at the top of my blog and categorising posts but i'm not very technical, and not really sure how to do it lol"!!

Carol said...

Wow - you've been busy - how do you find the time! I sometimes find so many interesting things to do that it paralyses me into inactivity :-S. But thanks for sharing these links. We've already found some of them really useful. The boys really love the Ellen McHenry stuff!