Maths & IT

Academic Earth - maths university lectures and academic video courses online.  Secondary/university age.
BBC Class Clips Maths Free video clips.
BBC Learning - Maths website - links to BBC and other Maths Resource. All ages.
BBC Learning - IT - resources from the BBC and other sources.
Count On - resources including games, activities and investigation for secondary age maths.
CSMP Maths - Free Maths Curriculum (US) for primary age.
CSMP Maths - Free Maths Curriculum (US) for 'intermediate' grades.
Early Maths/Living Maths - A blog with US/Christian slant. Lots of maths activities for younger children.
Engineering games - online engineering games
Khan Academy - Free videos & exercises on maths, physics (and other). Good for more advanced maths.
Make a Soroban abacus (Japanese abacus). All ages
Maths games (Shepherd Software) - basic maths games for addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, etc.(US)
MEP Maths - Free Maths Curriculum (UK) for primary and secondary age.
Maths curriculum materials - Loads of links to free/cheap maths resources (US slant).
Maths is Fun  Site with worksheets, printouts, activities and explanations. Primary to secondary age.
Maths online multimedia maths units for secondary age and above.
Maths revision maths revision notes for GCSE/A level
Open University 'Open Learn' Mathematics and Statistics - videos and other resources
Paper models of polyhedra (3-D shapes). Free to print out and construct
Skool - maths (and science) interactive tuition arranged by key stage (UK).

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Helen Mason said...

Great links. I have used some of them already but never come across others. Thanks for pulling them together on this page.