Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Local Authority's Guide to Making Cupcakes

If you wish to quantify your educational provision to the Local Authority
this is how to make cupcakes. 

Measuring ingredients (maths and literacy)

Cracking eggs (hand-eye coordination)

Pouring on the icing (er...experimenting with surface area distribution and viscosity flow)

Sprinkling on the sprinkles (estimating quantity of small brown things that will make it to the cake surface)


Pip said...

you missed out the long risk assessment process you took and the talks on food hygiene and safety!! lol

Your learning looks yummy!!

Anne B said...

How about reversible and non reversible processes? And chemical reactions if you used baking powder?

(This comes from someone who has straight-faced waffled on about the educational excellence of Top Gear. We covered a complete KS2 Geography objective with the three guys. (Modes of transport, if you're wondering...))

Pip said...

Ohh Anne, now my boys love top gear and do learn a lot from it!!! lol I loike the way you think!

Ruth said...

Your blog title made me smile before I even read it. Brilliant!

I agree about Top Gear too. half our evidence of ed came from watching that trio last year ;)

Anonymous said...

...and of course there would be enormous language development whilst you discussed the process, not to mention expansion of vocabulary when you got to the clearing up, some of it not repeatable if you lived in our house!! Love it!

Big mamma frog said...

See, you guys are obviously far more competent in this cataloguing of educational activity than me! :)

I've had too many years of deschooling lol.

Saracen said...

This page is ranked 19th on a google search for the terms "risk assessment" "home education" "local authority". Not what I was looking for, but far more fun than what I was trying to find.