Thursday, 12 January 2012

Giraffes, paint, wax, paint, marzipan (and no paint).

The connection is obvious, really: the activities of my home educated bunch these past few days.

Checking out giraffe colouring

A bit of painting

Et voila!

Making items for our Ancient Egypt model of the Nile (not yet created)

Pastel/wax and paint creations

Marzipan animals (made today)

Close-up of life in marzipan world.

Icing Flower (made today). Looking unnervingly like a triffid.

The boys also listened to a talk on nanotechnology. I was hoping to get a photo of their 'buckeyball' creation.
But it wasn't created.
'Someone took my bit of paper' and 'I had a go but it fell apart' being the feeble excuses given in response.
'But what about my blog? I need photos.' I wail. Children rolled eyes in response.


Anne B said...

Love the giraffe, and the 'reasons' from your sons.

Pip said...

looks like a fun week of creating! is that a wobbly giraffe, that bends when you a press the base?

KP Nuts said...

can this go on the blog they say!

Karen's Blog said...

I DO like this site. One of the few books I took into our caravan was the Story of the World workbook, which has sat on the shelf gathering mud ever since. I'm very impressed by your pictures - you've inspired me!!