Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Monopoly Marathon - London destroyed by 600ft walking hairball

After I banned most screen-based activities (too much post-Christmas lethargy caused by a Christmas week plugged in) the children started a two-day monopoly marathon.

Much shouting, fighting, cheating, negotiation, and occasional violence (all of which I did my best to ignore) later, the thought that my children might be money-grabbing materialistic psychopaths began to creep in.

'Loadsa Dosh' ds2 (with dd in the background calculating her projected profit rate on my scientific calculator)

Thankfully the second day of the war monopoly game was cut short by Dogzilla who in a fit of overexcitement dragged his extra large chewy bone in true 'Zilla style through the streets of London, sending the stock market crashing (not to mention the hotels on Park Lane and Pentonville).

Dogzilla - the calm before the rampage


globeonmytable said...

My worst game was pre children, on the train up to Glasgow with my husband and mother in law. I was bankrupt, but wasn't allowed to go bust. I was forcibly given just enough to carry on, so the others could continue to build their fortunes. This doesn't sound like my mother in law's character at all, so maybe it was just the 2 of us.

I was very tempted to throw the board across the carriage in fury and powerlessness.

When my brother and I played as children we would ruin the bank and have to hand over some of our heaps of cash to keep it going!

Is your dog now going to be called Dogzilla?

Anne B said...

No one ever plays Monopoly with me. I don't need to lose my temper, because I tend to win through devious tactics. Our worst game experiences are playing anything involving memory or logic with other families whose children don't have photographic memories. It never ends well...

Big mamma frog said...

My worst game is always Trivial Pursuit. It's when everyone around the board looks at me and says 'But surely you MUST know that one.'

(I'm not good at feeling stupid and I have a very bad-tempered sulky response to such situations.)

Oh and I hate it when you get someone who can answer ALL those sport and geography and film questions that I haven't a clue about.

If there was a trivial pursuit game based just on the science and nature questions I might be in with a chance, but until then I avoid it.