Geog/Earth Sci

All resources are free to view/download unless otherwise stated. Most are PDF downloads.


Atmospheric Experiments Experiments/ hands-on activities on the theme of the atmosphere.
BBC Bitesize Geograpy - revision website with videos and resources
BP Educational Service - some decent geography resources, including posters and animations of the rock cycle.
British Geological Survey Website - lots of resources, print your own geological map, geological timelines, fossil ID etc.
Earth Exploration Toolbook - Earth system science activities.  "...each chapter guides users through a step-by-step process in which they access data and use analysis tools to explore real issues and questions in Earth system science."
Edheads Predict The Weather - online game
Educational songs, including geography and geology
Exploring maps - US online teachers pack with activities for older children
Free Water Unit study - basic unit on water cycle, water chemistry, importance of water.
Geological Timechart (Click on link on right for a printable version).
Geology for Kids
Geological supplies
Interactive Geological Timeline
Isuma tv - videos of native peoples created by indigenous film makers. Not sure of content suitability, so might require some supervision.
Life Cycle of a Mineral Deposit - interesting hands-on activities
Mapzone -  Ordnance survey resources and games

Montessori 'Continent Bags' - ideas and inspiration for collecting resources on continents. (For primary/preschool age.)
Montessori Continent Links - list of links to montessori continent activities and resources.
Met Office Educational materials - activities, learning materials, games etc. Has a separate section for teens.
National Geographic pictures, videos, education etc.
National Geographic Kids   Games, videos, country facts etc.
NeoK12 - various videos, activities, games etc. (Click on the Geography links.) All ages.
Oceans/weather/climate - Unit/Lesson Plan.
Open University 'Open Learn' geology -  videos and other resources
Open University 'Open Learn' environmental science -  videos and other resources
Ordnance Survey Free Outline Maps of Britain
Ordnance Survey Educational Resources 
Royal Geographic Society Educational Resources -  Learning resources on Mount Everest, Antarctica, Brazil, Kenya, Caribbean China, Afghanistan, India. With downloadable activities and online activities and links.
Spiral geological timeline - cut out and colour this spiral timeline showing geological history.
USGS Science Resources for Primary age  Materials include geography, geology etc
USGS Science Resources for Secondary age  As above, but for older children.
What do maps show? US online teacher pack
Ellen McHenry Homeschool History and Geography  Ancient Greece, Ancient China, Japan models, games, crafts to printout.


Activity Village Flag printables  simple printables for colouring in, bookmarks, notepaper etc.
Megamaps! Free printable maps, giant or small. From a single A4 sheet to 6ft across!
Outline Maps Free printable maps. Nice and clear continent and world maps.
Printable Maps  Maps from all over the world to print out.

Simple Schooling Interactive online unit on pocket moms - marsupials for younger children
Montessori Print Shop Australasia Fun Facts - free Montessori printables
Montessori Print Shop Australia/Australasia landmarks cards - free Montessori printables
Teachers Book Bag 'A Taste of Australia' freebie free printable (not much content but ok for little ones)
Request a free map of New Zealand (quite a nice little map)


Polar Bear Unit study -  Primary age. If using for older primary aged children probably worth supplementing this with more updated info on climate change.
Artic and antarctic comparison - a blank venn diagram for filling in.
Arctic Animals Teachers Guide - Key Stage 3. Lots of info and some activities. Also printable arctic animal info cards that might tempt you to buy a laminator.
Arctic Animals Teachers Guide - Key Stage 4-8. Very similar to above.
Discovering the Arctic - lot of general info and resources about the Arctic. (Click on the 'for teachers' menu for activities).
Arctic Guide Book and Polar Bear Board Game Free. All Free. Nice little pack.
Polar Animals Wheel to colour and assemble - good for younger ones.
Discovering Antarctica - lots of general info and resources.
Antarctica Game - free, downloadable game. More of an ad-lib game than a board game so could be better for age 9+. Ours weren't terribly enthralled, but I think others might like it.
Shackleton's Antarctic Bid - free downloadable teacher and student packs with suggested activities

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