Asorb - free online animations to show scientific principals - chemistry, physics, maths and advanced physics.
BBC Learning Science
BP Educational service - science resources, especially chemistry, for primary and secondary, including IGCSE-level.
Educational songs (lots on science)
Interactive Solar System model
Khan Academy - Science (and other) videos
My Science Box - 'hands-on science curriculum for the adventurous teacher'
NASA Education teaching materials - Searchable database of lesson plans, experiments, downloadable posters, video clips of  Earth and other sciences, history, maths, technology etc
NASA tv Live and recorded footage. Free channels: 
  • NASA Public NASA missions & events, documentaries, etc
  • NASA Education programming to schools, educational institutions and science museums.  
  • NASA Media news conferences and relevant materials to news-gathering organizations.
National STEM centre - elibrary of science and technology.
Natural History Museum (London) - educational resources and activities
NeoK12 - videos, activities, games (click on the science links among the list).
OPAL surveys - take part in national surveys at home - print off resources or send for the pack for recent survey. Enter your results online.
Open University science pages - lots of videos, plus some free courses and other info.
Science Toymaker - science toys to make at home
Science Museum (London) - educational resources and activities.
Science and Islam  Printable resources plus a powerpoint presentation for learning about the development of science in Islam. Geared towards secondary school age. Includes astronomy, maths and arts resources.
Skool - maths, biology, chemistry and physics interactive lessons, organised by subject and key stage. (UK)
Spongelab - free science portal for educators (email sign-up required). Animations, videos, pictures, games and lots more. Choose what you like and add it to your list. Create and assign 'lessons'. Tie-in various features with McGraw Hill science textbooks.
Stellarium -  free open source planetarium software for your pc.
The Happy Scientist - great science to do at home. Some access is free, but for all the videos and experiments it's worth paying the very reasonable subscription.
The Naked Scientists Podcasts and lots more!
Toys from Trash - great little ideas of things to make from rubbish - science and engineering
USGS Science Resources for Secondary age
Water Science for Schools (US emphasis).
Yenka - Educational modelling software. Use to simulate concepts in chemistry, physics, electronics and maths. Free to download (for home use only).


Archimedes bath Online game. Fill his bath, watch the graph!
Ellen McHenry Physical Sciences downloads - includes a great working model of a 4-stroke engine!
Engineering games - online engineering games
MagLab Interactive tutorials, science demonstrations (audio slide shows ) and links about magnets and electricity. Also some historical information.  I'd suggest age 7 - adult (slide shows have good explanations)
NPL (National Physics Laboratory) Look in the educate and explore section for factsheets, posters and activities
Practical Physics  Approx 800 experiments grouped by topic, including astronomy. Targetted for schools so not all experiments will be easy to do at home.
Physics Demonstration Films (check out the jelly bean wave machine near the bottom)
The Physics Front Physics and Physical Science Teaching Resources. Lesson plans and links to multimedia resources on various topics (eg. Forces, Magnetism, Optics and Light). Seems to be targetted towards older children and undergraduates, but could be adapted.
Physics simulations


Bitesize Science - video podcasts from the American Chemical Society
BP Educational service - good chemistry resources, for primary up to IGCSE level. Includes an online interactive periodic table challenge. 
Element trading cards (from the periodic table - print out your own).
Ellen McHenry Chemistry downloads - games and more games. 
Middle School Chemistry -  lesson plans, resources, experiments.
Periodic Table Videos
Tom Lehrer, The Elements Song (opens in YouTube)

Ants lapbook  US spelling.
Animal Classification Lapbook  US spelling.
ARKive - images/videos of life on earth. 'The ultimate multimedia guide to the world's endangered animals, plants and fungi.' Great if you're looking for photos to illustrate a project, or have a small person who wants to watch videos of bears ALL DAY.
Biology Learning Guide - student website where biological processes are explained in the vernacular.
Cell Craft Game (online game)
Ellen McHenry Human Body downloads - games etc 
Ellen McHenry Animal Science downloads - includes classification chart, and other games. Includes oceanography and microbiology resources. 
Ellen McHenry Botany downloads games and other 

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