Monday, 2 January 2012

A stone's throw

Who would think that we have a stone henge almost on our doorstep...(and until a few weeks ago I knew nothing about it).
A rainbow appears, perfectly timed for an atmospheric photo

First of the stones, looking very crumbly and worn

"I'm not doing this for the photo, I'm using it as a windbreak."

More stones

And a few more (getting bored yet?)

The two ditch/moat thingies (yeah I know I should know what they are)

Pretty in Pink

The only signs of civilization (apart from the methane pipes coming from the next door refuse site)

ds2 running for some wind cover

Ok, time to go home. Bloomin' freezing out here!


KP Nuts said...

Great photos. Looks cold and windy but still I find we need to have 40 minutes or so fresh air even on these short days for sanities sake!

I like reading your blog as you are 5 or so years ahead of us, chronilogically speaking, and still smiling :-)

KP Nuts said...

Out of interested I googled where you went and this link says "There are currently no signs saying this way to the Devil's Quoits" That would be me getting lost then!

OzSky said...

Maybe the druids used the stones for wind breaks too...

Big mamma frog said...

Yes that's where we found out about it. It took us a while to find it after we parked up near the recycling centre, but then we asked all the dog walkers and they pointed us the right way.

I can't believe how unadvertised this place is. Having lived here 20-odd years I'd never heard of it until I was googling ancient sites and saw the megalithic forum.

And yes, we have our ups and downs, but still smiling :)

Deb said...

Beautiful photos, what a find! :)

KP Nuts said...

In your defence it does say they were restored between 2002 - 2008!

We are going to Center Parcs next year and I was thinking they could be a stop off point!

C said...

How exciting! I love when we discover little things like that.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm inter-esting. Hunting megalithic stones is as hard as hunting labyrinth and it is a testament to the magnificence of the OX postcodes that we have at least some of each, Now if only we had the sea as well everything would be just fine!

Nice new bloggy layout too BMF :)

Lisa White said...

i agree with Katie. They are beautiful photos. Like the way you've got your tabs too! Look forward to checking out the resources you've put on there too x

Big mamma frog said...

Thanks guys! Yes decided it was time to refresh and declutter the blog layout. I desperately needed someway of sorting out all those links! Thanks to Lisa for her tabs inspiration, and her clear instructions for the clueless :)

Parasombra: before we had kids dh and I would go off exploring for a weekend or longer tracking down all the megalithic stones we could find on the way (as I remember some were single boulders in the middle of cattle fields!). Finding this henge brought back memories. Haven't tried hunting for labrynths yet, perhaps that's another project :).

Susie said...

Oh that place looks wonderful! We love Avebury, Old Sarum and Danebury so this would make a great trip for us!

kelly said...

When we moved here, I needed to find some stones because I missed Avebury so much.

We did, and I was happy but the kids all moaned that there was't a museum or a cafe like Avebury. These ones are barely signposted, and surrounded by scary looking sheep (not like the friendly souls at Avebury).

Still, they're ancient stones, and that's what counts.

P.S. I LOVE your much inspiration. Tomorrow I'm sitting my dd down in front of it and saying "choose".

Grit said...

now that's added another place to our list on the all-england summer tour.