Monday, 28 February 2011

Blog Envy

Do you ever look at someone's blog and wonder why they've got a trillion followers and have fifty thousand billion comments for every post they make (even if that post is about ironing knickers)?


Obviously just me then.

(Did I just say all that out loud?)


Loz said...

Dlmao...don't aren't alone.

Loz said...

look..I was laughing so much I didn't spot the typo.

homeschool family said...

Do not fear, we all read your blog and love it! I think you would be surprised how many people read blogs but don't sign up as a follower. As long as the only comments you get are warm that is all that matters. x
p.s by the way!! Well I have to get my followers up don't I!

Big mamma frog said...

Thanks, just dropped in and signed your 'visitor book' lol.

cathy said...

Dearest Nichola
Who can you be writing about? Have you spotted a metaphor, one with VPL? If so, I wasn't trying to be metaphorical. I thought I was writing a sincere introduction to my brand new blog and purposely LEFT OUT the stuff about ironing knickers because I thought it would be boring for everyone. Are you trying to suggest that the underlying underwear dewrinkling essence of my life shows through. This is galling.

Oh well, if everyone can see my knickers (unless you are a superhero with knicker detecting powers ... creepy thought ... like those machines at Heathrow) at least they are clean and cotton.

Cathy x

Big mamma frog said...

ah don't flatter yourself VPL. I save my xray vision for hunting out hidden chocolate bars, not viewing undergarments (ironed OR wrinkly).
My are threadbare, elastic-stringy and cotton, but paid for.

globeonmytable said...

I actually clicked on 'blog envy' to see if there were any other posts with this tag!!

Big mamma frog said...

Yes Globe, I'm equally surprised that I haven't written on this subject before. I'm obviously more restrained than I first thought.

Jessica said...

Not alone at all...Its always nice to know who is visiting and to have comments to inspire you (or just to know others are reading what you take time to write!)

Big mamma frog said...

Hi Jessica. Have just checked out your blog. Love the ratties! We used to have rats many years ago and they were great pets.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I can be followed on wordpress like you can on blogger so this hasn't really bothered me!

If I stumble upon a million follower blog I genuinely wonder if the writer gets bored of the comments or even bothers to read them . I mean how many times can you read polite, non specific things about what a great post you have written and you are such a hero?

I like reading the comments on my blog and they are more interesting to me than a hundred banal agreements.

Big mamma frog said...

Yeah, it's like those people who have 298 friends on facebook. Not that I have facebook friend envy, you understand. Well, not yet.

But I have been known to have Christmas tree decoration envy. I try to tell myself that my 16-yr-old shabby moulting tree with lopsided hand-made ugly-bits hanging from it is far superior in its sentimental value than those colour coordinated sparkly magnifico towering splendours.

I think I am just a woman born to envy.

Somebody slap me.

Hannah said...

I envy the ones that can make money out of it lol

but no really I can't be arsed to put the work in to promote my blog and get that many followers, I think most of my hits come from my ma

I do envy anyone who looks like they manage to do anything in the day other than wash up and feed babies though...

The Pixies Pocket said...

hehe, I too suffer from blog envy but I don't think I am one for seling myself very well.
So I just write about us, things we have done etc, when I remember to do it!
Saying that though, I do envy your HE ing.
I hope I can pluck up the courage to do it too.
But gonna put them in for this next year cos I know that they will both gain a lot from it!

I know, tomorrow, tomorrow.....but I really will, honest!