Sunday, 27 February 2011

Why I never appear to get anything done...

...and why my house is always messy.

It's because I find things like these (see below) kicking around the house. Dd's 'Christmas' lights were hanging from her bed for several years until they started behaving strangely in December and we replaced them with some boring but cheap lantern alternatives.

So this bundle of lights has been sitting on the windowledge at the top of the stairs for at least 2 months now. Waiting for some purpose.

Instead of doing all the essential things I should have done today, I set about cutting the wires and making the dysfunctional lights into little perspex Christmas decorations.

The leftover wire I cut and bundled up as garden ties or general use.

To be added to one of my many piles of boxes of 'useful' things...

Which is why I don't have a tidy house and never seem to get around to doing all those things I probably should be doing.
I had finished cutting up all the bits of wire, had put them safely away in boxes and was feeling frugally and resourcefully smug. That is, until dh came in and said 'Oh. I could have mended those. It was only a loose connection'

I did mutter something about the fact that if that was the case then why had they been sat on a windowsill untouched for more than 2 months...and how he'd told me that once led lights go wrong there's no point trying to fix them...and something along the lines of 'if you'd told me that I wouldn't have cut them into little pieces and bought dd a replacement set of lights' in a polite restrained manner.
[Obviously although we live in the same house we reside in parallel uncommunicating universes and there are times when the everyday sentences that come out of my mouth slip straight under the male radar (because men really are from Mars) and disappear into intergalactic worm holes.]
'Never mind they were only cheap, you can get some more'
'Er actually no. They were expensive and we've looked everywhere and can't get replacements.'
So much for resourcefulness!
But, on the brighter side. Dd has been drawing:

And the kids brought back these free kits from our local science festival

The finished result

Engine meets Spaniel.


homeschool family said...

I'm very impressed with the recycling of the lights (even if they could have been saved) now they are equally beautiful tree decorations! I'm also impressed that all of the bits you keep are in in labelled boxes, I'm not that organised - which is probably why I can't find things from one minute to the next!
I smiled at the piles of cardboard tubes etc, hubby keeps nagging me to throw my large collection of such things in the recycling boxes outside.

Big mamma frog said...

Throw things away??!!! Is he insane??! lol. :)

(probably why my house looks like the local scrapstore)