Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mud. Sand. Water.

Plant science took a back seat on Wednesday as instead we headed off to a local nature reserve with two other families. Trudging through the rain and equipped with fishing net, catapult, saw, hammer, and crazed spaniel, I guess, we must have looked a strange bunch.

The very small pink thing on the ridge of the tall sandy cliff? Yep, it's dd, the child that tells me she's scared of heights!

It's at times like this I remember all that I learnt about soil erosion and mudslides at university.
Yep, that tree looks darn precarious to me. That's it child, just terrify your mother by standing next to it.
Water, sand and mud. The best combination of playthings.

Catapult boy.

Don't try that 'I'm not up to anything' look with me!

Those crazy home educating families head home.

If you've ever read Puss in Boots then you'll know that Dick Wittington always carries his lunchbox in a pink fishing net.

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MadameSmokinGun said...

Glorious mud. We got lots. We don't seem to grow things. Just mud. Embrace the stuff you have eh? Mine certainly do.