Sunday, 27 February 2011

Soul of Sunday

Ok, two posts in one day, I've obviously avoiding doing something that needs doing. But after reading the blog Ordinary Life Magic today I thought I would post my photo for 'Soul of Sunday'.
Maybe my 'Soul of Sunday' photo should be more...well...soulful. Or more picturesque. Or even beautiful.

But instead, this is what I saw today. Even though this view in my conservatory sometimes frustrates me - ok, often frustrates me - today I was at peace with the junk pile.


huana said...

Your junk pile makes me so creative!

Tina said...

It may sound odd, but I like how you have your junk organized. Ours gets tossed onto shelves then oozes out all over the floor. Might have to start hunting for baskets.

MadameSmokinGun said...

Who called this 'junk' then? It is masterpieces in their raw form obviously.

Loz said...

I love junk...I, like you have so bits and bobs which I squirrel away in boxes, baskets and tubs, my husband is fearing I have turned into a hoarder! =P

Big mamma frog said...

Yeah, and my house is a temple to modern art.