Saturday, 5 March 2011

Plant Science: Photosynthesis AND The Sandpit

Chocolate cake helps with all educational (and not-so-educational) tasks

Constructing the Photosynthesis Formula game. [Download this for free from Ellen McHenry's Basement site here]

Other similar free downloads here

All the best games involve eating sweets

Oi! You've just eaten a hydrogen!

Once you've completed the top part it's a race to turn your carbons, hydrogens and oxygens into glucose, oxygen and water.

Man may have risen up from the primordial soup, but he's only a few steps from returning to his evolutionary roots:
The secret stash of yummy things held in the treasure chest of pinkland.

Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhh (or something like that)



Is all I can say.
Wellies, hoody and skinny jeans is obviously the new look.

By the way, I've found a home-made shampoo recipe here, on the Here We are Together blog.
Might solve that pre-teen limp locks issue.
Or maybe not.

I await the scowling verdict.

1 comment:

Carol said...

Oooooh it does look like you're doing some interesting things. I'm having one of those phases where nothing much interesting seems to be happening. Probably because I feel knackered all the time :-(
Must try that photosynthesis long as I get a board and some sweets too...........