Saturday, 19 March 2011

My Laptop Ate My Soul

Despite good intentions and a positively pressing pile of photos to put on my blog my soul has been consumed by other laptop things.

The first (and possibly most pressing, though deadline-less) soul-sucking project has been a new new NEW new new magazine for our county of home educators. It was a great idea. It still IS a great idea. But like all good ideas it has grown from teeny to massive, and now feels rather like a monster looming from my laptop screen. Of course the blame could be placed on me, but instead I am blaming technology. Software that is great at dealing with graphics, but crap with text (when I say crap I mean refusing to word-wrap, persistently stripping out any web links or email addresses, randomly enlarging font to illegibility etc etc) is not helpful. At all.

But I am winning the battle. I have cut, pasted, edited and proofread. Now just the final corrections and a (non-religious) prayer and perhaps all will be well.

The next - and equally pressing - soul-sucking project is my writing assignment. 2000 words isn't a lot. Unless you can't think beyond the paragraph that ends at word 474. A story without an end might succeed in off-beat literary mags, but a university assignment winner it is not.

And so. My laptop ate my soul. It has nibbled it all away, except for the bit that is posting this blog message while procrastinating about actually doing those very pressing projects.


Anonymous said...

I can share the blame for the magazine and I will borrow Mr G's broad shoulders to carry it!

Let me help if you need it won't you? If not, I look forward to the pleasure of reading it for fun:)

homeschool family said...

Wow a magazine, thanks for all the time and effort you put in for the benefit of everyone HEing locally. p.s I love the new main photo on the blog.

Big mamma frog said...

thanks. I like the new photo too - popcorn and onion bhajis on the campfire...yum.

MadameSmokinGun said...

Sighing in sympathy.......