Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Jam update and the house with too much stuff

Well jam is looking ok. Did the first boil up today. Need to try and find a non-aluminium pan for tomorrow's boil up as the enamelled one I used today is going to be nowhere near big enough to boil it up to jam tomorrow. Rhubarb and aluminium don't go well together.

Spent the day clearing out dd1's bedroom. Yes I did say the whole day. And that was the least messy of all the bedrooms. Managed to clear a space on one of the shelves downstairs at the same time so I'm now debating what to do with such a precious area of space.

Am still procrastinating about tackling the boys' room. It's a scary prospect. They just have so much STUFF!

9 sacks and one box of stuff collected so far for this weekend's planned car boot sale. It doesn't seem to have made any impression on the amount of stuff in the house, but it's got to have come from somewhere, surely??

Anyway ds2 was happy that I was preoccupied with tidying and clearing today. His new gameboy advance game that he ordered off Amazon arrived this morning and he spent almost all day on it. I did tell him he'd get square eyes, but he plain ignored me lol!

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Philippa said...

LOL! Guess what we were doing yesterday. Clearing the girl's room!