Friday, 20 June 2008

Bedtime Delaying Tactics

'What's big toe?' ds2 asked, waggling his foot under the duvet.'
'What do you mean "what's big toe?" '
'I mean, what's big toe.
'Big toe?'
'Yes! What's a big toe?
'What do you mean "what's a big toe?" '
'A big toe, what's it called?'
'Oh! Well. It's a big toe.'
'Yes, but what's it called?' He stuck his foot out of the duvet.
'It's called A BIG TOE'
'But doesn't it have another name?'
'Well. No. I don't think so.'
'It's not like a thumb on a hand. It's just called A BIG TOE. Like, you know, your little toe.'
'So what's a little toe called?'
'Little toe. Just little toe. At least I think it is'
Ds1 pipes up from the top bunk: 'Like a little finger.'
'Yes', I say, 'like a little finger.'
'But'- he continues'- there's also an index finger.'
'Er...yes. But toes don't have other names. They are just toes.'
'Oh. Right.' Ds2 pauses for a moment and sticks his foot back under the duvet. 'Mum?'
'What are we doing tomorrow..?'
Ds2 wanted me to take a photo of him as the Statue of Liberty. And yes, that is an ice cream in his hand.
(Taken at our camping weekend in May)

Look how strong I am!

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