Thursday, 5 June 2008

One Small Sparrow and some Swallows and Amazons

Ds2 started the day with some more bicarb rocket experiments which weren't quite so successful as yesterday. I suspect that the bicarb has got a bit damp in the tub. We ran out of vinegar too, draining the last drop out of the pickled onion jar, so ideally we need to do a trip to Tescos if we want to do any more bicarb science.

The morning had it's own little bit of excitement. Ds1 was feeding the chickens and noticed a small bird (a young sparrow) trapped in some of the black netting over a raised vegetable bed in the garden. The sparrow was obviously very tangled and getting increasingly distressed, so we gently cut away the netting and freed it (while trying to prevent the dog from eating it!). Thankfully it seemed unharmed and flew away as quick as it could. We were lucky that ds1 had seen it so early as I'm not sure what condition it would have been by the end of the day.

At lunch time we headed off for a sailing day with some other home educators. We all had a fantastic time - at the sailing club there was a small playground, an enclosed sandpit for littlies, indoor pool and table football and lots of boats for everyone to try. The boys were initially reluctant but I persuaded them - almost before they could think about it - to go in a rowing boat with a couple of children who belonged to the sailing club, and pretty soon they were hooked! They disappeared across the water right to the other side and it was about half an hour or more before they returned. They spent most of the day chasing around more experienced sailors to take them out on the water, either in row boats or Toppers and they both got a chance to steer and sail. We learnt a little about the parts of a boat and got to go out in a larger dingy (not sure if that's the right word for it?). Even I got to go out in the latter and try some sailing! It was fun and quite thrilling to feel that I'd tried something totally new that I'd never tried before. Dd1 spent much of her time playing in the sand and in the playground, but wasn't that keen to come on a boat with me.

The weather was perfect all day - sunny, but not too hot - and there was just enough wind to sail without it being too gusty. We had such a wonderful day that it didn't take much persuasion for us to sign up and get ourselves on the waiting list to join the sailing club. I think dh was a bit shocked when we got home and told him we were on the waiting list for a sailing club, but the kids talked and talked so enthusiastically about their day over dinner that it became an irresistable proposition.

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