Friday, 13 June 2008

An Artist in the Family and our Successful Money Making Venture

Dd1 has suddenly taken to drawing. In fact she has taken to all sorts of craft and arty things, with a particular fascination for hama beads [If you want a taste of true multitasking, try ironing hama beads in a small crowded 1930s kitchen while trying to cook dinner, get ready to go to work, have 3 conversations with 3 children at the same time and deal with a puppy that wants to put his head in the oven]. Anyway, thought I'd showcase some of her work:

Butterfly and flower, made using a normal circular hama bead thingy.

She came up with the butterfly design on her own (not bad for a 4 yr old)

Lots of pictures of the dog. He even has toes!

Flowers and butterflies (seems to be a popular theme)

Today, my decluttering moved on a bit by teaming up with my sister to do a car boot sale. The car was full, and I mean absolutely and totally full! All the seats in the people carrier were down and we still had problems squeezing in the sacks and boxes - I could hardly see out my rearview mirror it was piled so high! It was a long day, around 6 hours, but we had a constant stream of customers right up to the end and with a bit of haggling we shifted a lot of stuff. We certainly came back with a lot less stuff than we went with and between us we made over £100 which was fantastic and well worth the effort - my share will pay for the fees for our camping holiday and half a tank of diesel to get us there!

The decluttering continues, but a bit like one of those plastic picture puzzles with shifting squares and only one space, I seem to be moving stuff from one room to another to another...I'm guessing that all the junk will end up in one room at the end (probably the loft or the garage!)
As you can see, that precious space I made on the shelves a few days ago has already been filled!

I don't think our family is ever going to be compatible with minimalist living!

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