Monday, 16 June 2008

Postman Pat (should be given the sack)

As we were coming back from a trip to the library and the post office I let dd1 post a couple of letters in the post box near our house. She stood on tip-toe and hurried to do it as the Postal van pulled up.

Seeing the postman coming to collect the mail, we waited and watched as he unlocked the door and began to put the post into his sack. I thought it might be interesting for the kids to watch. He opened his sack, grabbed handfuls of letters, screwed and scrunched and stuffed them into the sack pushing them down firmly with his fist until the handful was squashed down into the sack as much as possible. We watched as our letters (2 DVDs) in the next handful were given the same forceful treatment. He waved his scanner at the barcode inside the postbox, slammed the door shut and got back into his van.

As we walked away up the road ds1 piped up 'The postman isn't very gentle with the post is he?'
'No, he's not', I replied, wondering just how badly our post was treated when there wasn't an audience watching!

I finally got around to posting ds1's Blue Peter Badge 'letter' at the Post Office this morning. I'm so glad I only paid for 2nd class post - looking at how the mail is treated I think I'd feel really ripped off if I'd paid for 1st class...

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Philippa said...

LOL! I hope our DVD is in there. I asked my son if he had managed to get the DVD in the post box (small slot) and he said "It was too small so I folded it". Hum, what is the fee for a crushed DVD?