Thursday, 22 December 2011

New Links I've added

As we think about what we're going to be doing in 2012 I've been browsing the web (obviously avoiding doing domestic things) and have added a few links to the right hand side of my blog.

Firstly there are some history/prehistory links in preparation for starting Story of the World Vol1:

A 'walk through a cave to see prehistoric cave paintings' site (I can't think of how better to describe it).

A BBC Scotland website on Scara Brae on The Orkney Islands (with slightly irritating childish graphics, but some good videos)

And The History Cookbook site with videos of cooking techniques of different eras, and recipe ideas. (thanks to Belzi on alittlebitofstructure for pointing me towards this site).

Then I've added a link to a free unit/lesson plan on oceans and climate here . Might be worth supplementing it with some more recent info, but as a basic starter it looks good.

And a free Design and Discovery 'curriculum' from Intel, which starts with redesigning the paper clip and moves on to...well...I need to print out another trees-worth to find out. But it looks interesting anyway.

I'm starting to think my link list is getting out of hand and that I might need to consolidate or relocate it to my resources blog (which is rather bare). Something else to think about in 2012


Anonymous said...

Hi, We've looked at the cave website when we were kind of doing the stone age and prehistoric era. Absolutely brilliant site I thought. Happy Christmas!

KP Nuts said...

OOh you are good. I had a little "not done enough strewing for 2012" moment earlier but then I thought best to lie down with a cool flannel til the moment passed. I am on the look out for places and topics to interest both of my biggest in the new year.

Jessica said...

That prehistoric cave painting site is prefect for us right now as we look at nomadic people in ancient history.Thanks for sharing it:)