Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas 2011

More home-made mince pies (we ate the first lot before they got to the freezer)
Christmas hoodie
Hiding from the camera
Making a table decoration. (Mother realises why the oasis wont absorb water. Apparently it is oasis for DRIED flower arrangements - doh!)
reading a Christmas present

Plugged in

The Magic Christmas Tree

ds1 makes a new life form (actually they are Anzac biscuits but they went a bit different and ended up more like chewy cereal bars). Delicious, but unexpected.

Ds1's birthday cake

Christmas Eve traditional bonfire (bit hot for toasting marshmallows!)

Playing Uno after the potatoes have been peeled


Lisa White said...

Ooh, C got one of those magic trees. Was it from the National Geographic for kids Mag? Hers didn't do so well on account of baby (our baby has a lot to answer for these days lol)

Love those mince pies... They look yum! x

Lisa White said...

Ooh! C got one of those Crystal christmas trees in her Kids National Geographic. Hers, unfortunately, didn't do so well. I think it was something to do with the baby grabbing hold of it before it had had a chance. That baby has a lot to answer for lol x

It looks like you all had a lovely day and those mince pies look super yum!

Big mamma frog said...

Yes, it was :)
Ours took a while, but looks glorious now, in a sort of tacky way lol.