Saturday, 3 December 2011

End of November Catch Up

Feels like a while since I last posted. Here's a quick catch up of the end of November.

Batizado (annual Capoeira awarding of belts):

Ds1 at the U15 team foil competition

Ds2 at U12s team foil fencing competition:

Ds1 decides to make trees:

and cook noodles:

More on our polar theme. Fake antiqued letters with wax seals. Despite the newspaper, my table will never be the same again.

Sewing up the polar explorer's recipe booklet:

Making Anzac biscuits:

Making 'hardtack'

And yes, they were hard (and, after a few weeks, rather mouldy). But the dog enjoyed them.


Ruth said...

You have been busy. The biscuits remind me of some I used to make as a child called Zanzibar biscuits. My dad called them army biscuits. I can't imagine why lol Love the recipe book sewing too.

Homeschool family said...

Wow the things you have done for your polar project have been inspiring and magical

Anne B said...

Full of jealousy! Seriously, you've done some incredible stuff there and left me googling Anzac biscuits cos I haven't had them for years and they'd be a fun addition to our Home Front in WW2 binge next year.