Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Oh yay! Oh yay! October round-up is here!

Ok, what can I say bloggy audience? I must kneel at your feet and beg forgiveness.

Forgive me for I have sinned: I've been a bad bad blogger.

You see this is how it happens:
I think of something I need to post. I have the photos; I have the words. But then somehow I don't get them to the pc.
Then a day or two later, something else happens that I want to blog. This time I get to the pc, but I don't have the photos to upload. So I think, 'well I'll wait till I have the photos'.

And well, you can guess the rest.

So here I am to rectify the situation. I have forgotten all the words I was going to say, all those pearls of wisdom/angst/humour. So instead we'll stick to annotated piccies.

Dd's 7th birthday. The hedgehog cake. Entirely home-made (well the role of nice mummy didn't extent to hand-crafting the chocolate buttons, but you know what I mean).

The best party game ever: tie mini chocolate donuts to strings off the washing line and yell 'Shark Attack!' and realise how difficult it is to take a nice photo of your child at a party without everyone else's kids in it. Especially difficult when said child is wearing a bear hat.

The best bit of birthdays of course

Mother has a fit of worksheetitis and sends children on a trail around museum. 'Just read the question again.' I say cheerily through gritted teeth 'The answer's got to be here somewhere.'

Detour to the toy shop to goggle at over-priced house-junk (the reward for not filling in the museum trail). We are all mildly impressed by the lego R2D2.
'No you can't have one for Christmas!'

Making beady bugs. Guess what everyone's getting for Christmas instead of a lego R2D2..?
Dying fluorescent orange cotton a (hopefully) less fluorescent orange colour.
Only another 20 or so balls to go...
Hoping these will make stripey socks because I'm too tight to buy the proper wool.
So, if you're not getting a beady spider for Christmas,
it could be fluorescent orange (and brown) socks.
Halloween bonfire party in motion
A picture just made for quirky captions. Suggestions anyone?
How about 'The devil is in the detail' ?
Or perhaps 'It was a hell of a halloween'?
Is it one of my kids in the photo?
No, obviously someone more willing to wear silly headgear than my bunch.
I think someone has been drinking too much Tango.
And the most exciting part of the halloween bonfire party?
When the fire engine arrived, of course!
Nothing us mothers like more than when the firemen stripograms arrive
I think everyone should set fire to their carpark
and invite a few firefighters along to the party.

On our trip somewhere between worksheetitis and toy shop we do something far more educational: watch a stuntsman do a stunt for the next series of 'Lewis'. To quote a famous band: 'That aint working that's the way you do it,
get your money for nothing and your chicks for free.'
(Though it must cost a fortune in chiropracter fees.)


MadameSmokinGun said...

I love the devil picture. I think it was me. Forgot the hair gel again and they just popped back up.

Carolyn said...

Love the orange and brown sock idea!!! I wouldn't say no to a pair!!! ;-)
And just for the record, firefighters don't do it for me with or without their uniform off!

Sam said...

Yes, why not fluorescent orange and brown socks? Who wouldn't like them :-)

The bit in the museum sounds horribly familiar!

Lily said...

Very cute beady bugs!

Also, I know what you mean about the whole issue of getting everything together for a blog post - I have at least two dozen draft posts waiting for something or other! It doesn't help that I flit between a desktop computer and a netbook and never rationalise the file systems <:-O