Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What have we been doing..?

With the change in seasons we've been a bit out of sorts. However, slowly we are getting back into a rhythm, and these are some of the things we've been doing...

Dd has been learning to crochet:

Ds2 has been reading up about design for computer games:

We've downloaded the free 3D computer graphics software Art of Illusion and ds2's been getting to grips with it. It might as well be Japanese to me - I just make approving noises with the occasional interested-parent comment, like: 'What does that bit do?'

We've also downloaded the trials for various Sony video/music editing packages here . today the kids have been testing out Sony's Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, which looks on face value a little like Windows Movie Maker, but with a million more whistles and bells.

Ds1 has been reading about survival techniques and has created his own survival kit (everything but the kitchen sink stuffed into a rucksack I think). He's also been reading about guns. And more guns. And weapons in general. And been watching the series 'Weaponology' that I recorded which shows techniques that snipers use,and real footage of war time shooting (nice). This child-led learning is fabulous, but there are times when I wonder if there is such a thing as encouraging the wrong hobby?

We've been to a fireworks party:
and the boys have attended their yearly Capoeira Batizado

"Batizado literally means "baptism"; besides being an initiation rite for new students it is also a graduation ceremony for advanced students and a great capoeira community celebration with masters from near and far are invited and the fraternity of capoeira is measurably strengthened by the camaraderie and interplay."

For more info see here

And today I took the bears off to the woods to let off some of that grizzly energy:
The low rope swing over a muddy ditch was particularly popular:
(This is what wellies and leggings were made for)
and there's always time to poke in the sand:


Grit said...

oh i love your pictures of mud. it is like mud porn to deprived souls like me.

and what an action/dance performance! i momentarily confused the name with caipirana, but couldn't recall having to undergo a baptism before drinking a rum based cocktail, so knew i had got something wrong somewhere.

MadameSmokinGun said...

We tried Taking the Children to The British Museum today.

Sounds like a wonderful idea?

Let them look at weapons and sit in front of the computer instead. Way healthier - for the parents' mental health that is, and Daddy's wallet.

'Education' is B A D !!!!!