Friday, 2 April 2010

Pah! We can do the National Curriculum too, you know...

...the 'Sorting and classification' bit of the NC, where kids have to spend endless hours deciding whether a spoon is alive or dead
[to which ds1 answers 'Well if I wire it up to this socket here, it'll definitely be live.']

But of course our ventures into the National Curriculum are entirely accidental - or should that be incidental - or unintentional - either way, when we do accidentally do accidentally do it, we do it HOME ED style.

Yesterday ds2 suddenly decided to take an interest in stamps. Thankfully I just caught him as he was sticking them in very firmly with double sided sticky tape.

'Er...I think we'll get some stamp hinges.' Says philatilist mother.

Poor child didn't account for maternal enthusiasm...
'Oh look there's a whole box AND a shopping bag of stamps here to soak, sort, classify and stick in' (says mother with cheery grin).

Four hours later....still going...(Yoo Hoo! There's still another sackful of stamps over here)

And joined by sister, who also wants to sort and classify small things (hama beads, and shredded pepper offcuts in coke bottle lids):

And ds1 follows in the criminal footsteps of his mother...

Though it might be the knitting that is criminal...Yeah, we know the mouth is kinda, well not in the right place (you weren't planning to wear it while eating were you, child?).
Anyway, we all know mother's fabulous motto for her handknits:
'You'll grow into it, dear.'

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MadameSmokinGun said...

Are you sure the spoons are dead? Are you sure?