Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I am waiting...

...for an earth-shattering moment. A revelation. An epi- epo...oh what is that word? (all I can think of is episiotomy and I KNOW it's not that). You know, the word that means a sort of revelationary moment where the meaning of life the universe etc etc etc are revealed. Bloomin' ek. My brain has just slipped through the cracks in the drain cover.

Anyway, if I could I would blog about fantastic life-enhancing moments, lightbulbs triggered in my children's brains, the huge educational and emotional leaps that they are making. Instead I find myself documenting the gritty dregs at the bottom of the wine glass of everyday life.

So here we go. Yet another non-earth-shattering moment in the life of a home educator...

Conversation in back of car today:

girl 2 : do you know what cows drink?

dd: No.

girl 2: Guess.

dd: I don't know.

girl 2: Milk. They drink milk.

dd: Hmmm. I don't think so. They eat grass. I don't know what they drink.

girl 2: They drink milk and it's the milk and the grass that gets mixed up and comes out as... milk.

dd: From their boobies. Cows have a lot of boobies

girl 2: Uh huh.

dd: I wonder how many bras a cow needs. It must be loads and loads.

girl 2: Gras? what are gras?

me: She said 'bras'.

girl 2: Bras?

me: Yes bras. Because cows have lots of boobies so they need a lot of bras [why am I entering into this inane conversation?]

girl 2: Oh.

dd: And that's where their milk comes from.

girl 2: Milk. Yeah. That's what cows drink.

And they wonder why childbirth turns mother's brains into that greeny-purple slime that you find at the bottom of the fridge.


Carol said...

Now that's funny :-D

Anonymous said...
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