Friday, 9 April 2010

I took the monkeys to the zoo...

Conversation in the back of the car with ds and her friend while travelling to spend extortionate amount of money at a wildlife park today:

6 yr old: What if the world was made of one really really big bottom?
7 yr old: You'd have to mind out you didn't fall down the crack. That wouldn't be very nice.

Conversation overheard while at wildlife park from two girls (probably age 4 and 5yrs) in the company of a small toddler who was most likely named Dan:

Younger girl: I'm going to marry Dan.
Older girl: No, I'll marry Dan. You'll have to marry Alex. Because you do realise, don't you that you can't marry your own brother.
Toddler (Dan): [ he waddles off, nappy slowly sliding down the inside leg of his trousers]


Anonymous said...

Miss Amoo is staying over at a friends house tonight.About an hour after we got there to drop her off, I was enjoying a gin and tonic in the garden when they bounced out and her friend said loudly "How can it be a sleepover if your Mum's still here?"

What exactly are the criteria for sleepovers?

Big mamma frog said...

My kids have long ago learnt that my criteria for sleepovers is that the kids disappear.

I don't mind what the kids are doing or how late they stay up, just as long as I don't hear or see them. If they venture into the adult zone after hours then I turn into SuperNanny with two heads.

Naughty Step? Pah! I have Evil Mountain Of No Return.

MadameSmokinGun said...

Mine just growl 'When are you going to GO?'