Sunday, 4 April 2010

The frugal sap is rising...

I was replying to someone else's blog here about sewing, when I felt a blog post of my own coming on...
Look what I've been up to this morning:

No, they're not my legs!

Dd's previously almost-too-short-and-rather-tatty jeans, transformed into girl-power fringe monsters with the help of my clanky-clonky machine and a really horrible denim Barbie skirt.

It wont win any awards for tidy sewing, and certainly no prizes for style or design, but it was worth it for the pleasure of cutting up that skirt.

And also this morning, the habitual 'easter egg hunt'.

God I so hate doing it, but the kids love it. Best part was making the little easter egg cards for the treasure hunt (especially feeding them into the laminating machine). But that was 6 years ago and the pleasure has long worn off.

So each year I salvage the egg cards from the back of the home-made-jams-and-other-forgotten- things cupboard and tie them around the house and garden.

I deserve at least 3 easter eggs for being an obliging mother and an oscar for being able to fake such convincing Easter enthusiasm.


Anonymous said...

Mutilating Barbie skirts is a GOOD thing and adding to the length of trousers that still fit round the waist is something I need to do this week too. For Amelia - not myself! My waist is growing or the trousers are shrinking - not sure which.

Anonymous said...
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MadameSmokinGun said...

Our Easter Bunny came, as usual, and, as usual I am now tormented by cheap nasty milk 'chocolate' all around my house calling to me, calling to the mice, calling to the ants............ Why didn't MY Easter Bunny make nice laminated card eggs? MY Easter Bunny is STUPID. MY Easter Bunny is fat. My Easter Bunny's stomach doesn't agree with it's floppy-eared thinking and spends most of it's time regretting its existence in the toilet. My Easter Bunny is going to be introduced to Grandad's Jack Russell next year.


......their little rosy faces!............. Laminated card is delicious darling....... Especially the little actual egg encased in sticky cellophane. You can scratch all you like............

Ha haaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!