Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Water Cycle, as you've never heard it before

We recently bought an 'Eco dome' in the Argos sale: it's a sort of tiered bottle garden, but with added scientific stuff (well I believed the blurb). Anyway, thought I'd combine it with a bit about the water cycle and was wondering how I could gently introduce the subject to the kids without the tedious fill-em-in worksheets and printouts that seem to be typical of most 'educational' web pages.

Anyway, I found this marvellous page, with not one, but two 'water cycle' songs, and a little Evian video set to 'We will rock You' by Queen, which tickled me and is well worth a watch.

There's also all the usual water cycle print outs and animations, but we'll probably skip those.


I've added the songs as widgets to the side bar of the blog for a while, so you can have easy access! Enjoy!

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