Monday, 2 March 2009

'The Unplugged Project'

We've just (hopefully) joined the Unplugged Project. See for more details. Here is a snippet to give you a taster:

'What is the Unplugged Project?
Sometimes we all need a little push (me included) to set aside our chores and have some creative fun with our children. The Unplugged Project is a weekly communal project which hopefully will inspire you and me to spend some high-quality but low-tech time with our little ones.
Every week I propose some sort of theme. I try to keep the weekly topic very general so that you can adapt it to your children’s ages and interests....Interpret the theme as strictly or as loosely as you like. There really are no rules. The point is to turn off the TV and find time in a busy schedule to have some creative fun at least once a week."

Next week's project is 'happy' ( ). So what does 'happy' bring to mind. Oh yes! Me having a week of perfect solitude away from kids and other dependents, time to do lots of reading, writing, watch whatever tv I want, catch up on some knitting and gardening and .... Ok, gonna have to rethink the 'happy' theme...

1 comment:

Sam said...

Glad you're doing this, because I constantly forget (bad mother!)
Hopefully if I see you doing something it will remind me to do something too :-)

Especially if it's lying about reading books all day ;-)