Thursday, 26 March 2009

Edward Scissorhands makes fishcakes...

Do you ever wonder why people don't make their own fishcakes?

I did, but I don't any more.

I mean, how difficult can it be?

Well, like the Cat in the Hat, looking at the pink bath ring and wondering how to get rid of it, it would seem to be very hard.

My kitchen looks like a bomb site, with shrapnel of potato, breadcrumbs and fish flesh on every surface. I have used pretty much every pan, bowl and utensil in the kitchen (even ones I didn't know I had) and they litter the sink, cooker and tops of cupboards, leaving a trail of greasy, fishy potato. The floor looks as if it's been subject to an attack by a snow machine (the blender got a bit out of control when making bread crumbs) and I'm trying hard to forget I cleaned the kitchen yesterday and that dh only mopped it a day or two ago.

All-in-all it's like some very bad chef's nightmare, a sort of Delia-Smith-meets-Edward-Scissorhands culinary graveyard.

And of course there are now platefuls of the unappreciated rejected greasy, disintegrating, home-made fishcakes looking all unloved and unwanted. Even the dog has given up after the third fishcake and bowl of cooked rice.

There are lessons to be learned today.

One of them is that however wonderful home-made and home-cooked food sounds, sometimes it's best to admit defeat, acknowledge that no Earth mother resides in this house, and go out and buy some frozen fishcakes. DIY is not all it's cracked up to be.

(And no, before you ask. I don't have photos. Even though I document the most banal bits of our daily life, some things are just TOO bad to photograph.)


Lynn said...

LOL, I can empathise as I have ended up in just the same situation,the splodge that I ended up with after dipping in egg and breadcrumbs didn't bode well but I carried on in the vain hope the frying would crisp them up.Erm ,no was the answer!!! xx

Carolyn said...

Now, thats where I would have no problem. I have never really eaten fishcakes as they don't really appeal to any of us, so would therefore NEVER be tempted to make them!!!!
I had a go at onion bhaji's the other day though and they turned out pretty good...not so messy and prob not doomed to failure!!!

Big mamma frog said...

Well I'm a vegetarian so I couldn't really taste the fishcake at any point in the process. Though I could see, from the slimy messy result, that they were doomed to be unappetising. Grilling them showed some improvement, but I think from now on I'll just buy them lol

Elizabeth said...

I would say the same about fish-pie, so not worth the 2 hours of prep and cleaning up, even if it was rather delicious. I used almost every pot and pan to make a 'one-pot-meal'!