Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Hands on at the museum

Here are some photos from our visit to a local museum last Wednesday. As you can see I got stuck into doing some crafts long after my kids had wandered off to do something else. It's our third visit to the museum, but on previous occasions it's only been to drop off children for workshops. This time we had a chance to explore it a bit more.
One of the things I love about this particular museum is that it has a reasonably sized garden, perfect for bouncy boys with short attention spans to run around in. Despite the large pieces of expensive sculpture situated around the garden there were no shouts or telling offs from staff as my children poked prodded and climbed upon the works of art (though I did restrain them from climbing on the ones that had price tags of more than £1000!). They were, as always, rather noisy, but the staff were incredibly tolerant.
Inside the museum there were lots of hands-on activities and a room devoted to self-serve children's activities. The 'Innovations' room was particularly popular with the boys, where they could wind things up to do experiments on pressure, or mess around with magnets.

The Children's room

Cutting out a rabbit mask

This place has got lots of pens!

My ideal man?

Definitely NOT my ideal man

Getting closer? But something is definitely odd about that hair...

Doing magnetic things. You can't see, but he's rolling his eyes as I'm trying to read all the educational stuff on the board to him at the same time {g}

I promise not to jump on the piece of sculpture that costs £1600. What? You mean you can't you see my halo?

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