Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Bank Robbers and Jam

I've decided to relocate some of my old casettes into the car so this past week we've had 'The Clash' blarring out. This one's my favourite at the moment, though the kids like 'Lost in the Supermarket'.

Bank Robber

My daddy was a bankrobber
But he never hurt nobody
He just loved to live that way
And he loved to steal your money

Some is rich, and some is poor
Thats the way the world is
But I dont believe in lying back
Sayin how bad your luck is

So we came to jazz it up
We never loved a shovel
Break your back to earn your pay
An dont forget to grovel

The old man spoke up in a bar
Said I never been in prison
A lifetime serving one machine
Is ten times worse than prison

Imagine if all the boys in jail
Could get out now together
Whadda you think theyd want to say to us?
While we was being clever

Someday you'll meet your rocking chair
Cos thats where were spinning
Theres no point to wanna comb your hair
When its grey and thinning

Run rabbit run
Strike out boys, for the hills
I can find that hole in the wall
And I know that they never will

I found a video of the song on my space. I've posted a video of the song at the bottom of the blog. This is the link if you want to go to the original myspace page.


What else are we listening to at the moment? Well I've been playing 'Happy Land' in the kitchen which is a compliation of songs that are 'muscial tributes to Laura Ingalls Wilder'. Faves on the CD? Well most of them really: the kids love 'Captain Jinks' and one of my favourites is 'Arkansas Traveler/Devil's Dream'. I can't find Captain Jinks music anywhere on the web, but will keep trying. In the meantime here's a rendition of Arkansas Traveler from myspace.com to give you an idea of the tune I'm talking about(though I much prefer the version on the CD). I couldn't get the video to load, but here's the link:


(Hopefully the link has come out ok)

Anyway, the album is good jam-making music, which is just as well seeing as my kitchen is like a jam factory at the moment. Raspberry, apple and banana flavour today. I have a huge bag of elderberries to strim from their stalks today too (groan). I expect the dog wiill be chasing the little escaping berries all around the kitchen floor.

The Clash - Bank Robber

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