Sunday, 7 September 2008

The boys are READING!!!

I put a video on before the kids went to bed, turned round and what did I see..?

My two boys were reading!

At last I'm in that wonderful position of being able to say: 'Hey, get your nose out of that book!' (but of course I didn't).

I feel like cracking open the champagne (except that I don't much like it). My boys are reading! Not just reading, but reading voluntarily...willingly...and even choosing to read rather than watch a video. Whooo hooo! At last, reassurance that autonomous education has really worked for us, for them.

[So, sorry boys, but I just had to take a photo of the moment]

And here's a photo of dd1, drawing hearts. They did look rather like giant worms (she wasn't that offended when I pointed it out), but it was still sweet of her to draw them. It makes a change from pussy cats and doggies, which are her usual subject.

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Elizabeth said...

That must have felt wonderful!