Monday, 4 August 2008

Warn the neighbours!

Ok, so whose great idea was it to get the kids an electric guitar? Huh?

[clue:someone who isn't at home all day looking after the kids].

So, enter the new instrument into the house. Bit of mending, some new strings and good as new. I'm sure it's all very educational, but only when volume control is used appropriately. Dread to think what the neighbours will say...

But anyway, the kids think it's really cool. Ds2 is starting to learn to play 'Smoke on the water'. Oh joy. Next I guess it will be 'Stairway to Heaven'. Well, if they all become famous rock stars as a result I'll eat my words.

Spent the afternoon with the kids in the natural sandpit at a local nature reserve. The kids played well, with few squabbles, which makes a pleasant change. The boys disappeared into the woods with their friends, reappearing periodically for food and drink, and dd1 paddled in the tiny stream that runs through the middle of the sandpit. As always, she's never far from water. The weather held out surprisingly and we didn't return home till gone 4pm.

Arlo and Jack are now absolutely shattered, fighting for a place on the sofa. Tough! I got there first! Now I know why we only have one dog. Two dogs on a sofa doesn't leave any room at all for the adults in this family!


Philippa said...

If you turn the volume up high enough then you won't be able to hear the neighbours complaining! LOL! Have fun!

Big mamma frog said...

Ah...I think the kids have already tried that. Had visions of 'Spinal Tap' when ds2 was trying to turn the volume on the amplifier up to 11!!