Saturday, 30 August 2008

Contemplating fish...

Dd1, sharing takeaway fish and chips with dh:

'Can I have some more fish, Daddy?'
'But there's loads on your plate, look.'
'But I only like the crust Daddy, not the insides.'


The kids won goldfish at the allotment open day/fair a few weeks ago. We put them in the hexagonal fish tank with ds2's big goldfish. Each day we would look in. Slowly, one by one we found each fish not doing what fish do. One by one they went to the great fishbowl in the sky.

The little all-gold one that survied belongs to ds2. Ds2 is happy: it replaces the one of his big fish that died earlier this year. However, like a new puppy, the little fish constantly pesters and torments the older grandaddy fish. Do you think goldfish understand 'time out'?


'Karate-chopping crayfish rule the world'

(caught at the sailing club this afternoon)

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Carolyn said...

We've lost so many fish this year too.....a few aging adults but our home bred babies died recently too. Boys very sad.
Added to our long list of animals not seeing the New Year in, it makes quite a hefty death toll at our house.
Long term visitors beware!!!