Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Bread bricks and Chelsea buns

Spent the morning baking and cooking. No evening work over Summer has left my bank account a tad empty, so it's time to raid the freezer, get out the cookbooks and turn the kitchen into a bombsite in the name of frugalness. Yesterday I tried out some new bread recipes in the breadmaker using a book from a carboot sale. Three attempts at a recipe for 'milk bread' and I managed to produced two bricks and a pile of breadcrumbs. Not a success. It seems that the recipes just have too much flour. Had another go today. Tried out the Chelsea bun recipe. Busked it a bit, leaving out some flour, and miraculously got something resembling the picture in the book. It was even edible!

Perhaps I need a bigger kitchen..?

Yep, I definitely need a bigger kitchen!

The afternoon was spent at a local 'play day' organised by the Council. Lots of child-friendly activities had been set up, but most were met with glum faces from my kids. What's that phrase... 'You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink'. Well I guess that summed it up lol. However, there were some things that were popular: dd1 liked the mobile' farm. Ds2 was keen to go on the mobile climbing wall, but despite queueing for some time we eventually gave up and moved on. All three of them had a try out on some temporary play equipment. This play equipment was different in that it was intended primarily for adult use and incorporated 'gym' style machines. A friend and I agreed that it would be a great idea to have these sorts of things available everywhere: I could have a workout while the kids were playing in the park, or even in the Tesco's car park.

Ds2 says 'hello' to a sheep

Dd1 pats a goat

We said 'goodbye' to our friend, Arlo, today

Arlo went home today. I think Jack will be pining for him, but at least he's happy to be allowed back on the sofa again this evening now that there's space.

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