Saturday, 30 August 2008

The show goes on...(smug mother moment)

Normally I would only post photos/videos that my kids agree to let me post, but this time I've had to sneak this one on. This is probably the only exception so far, and I'm only posting it because I think it is such a wonderful demonstration of what autonomous home ed can lead to. Sorry, boys. Smug Mother's perogative. [Ah doubt you'll blame me for everything anyway. That's what parents are for. When you're older you can go out and get a job to pay for the therapy to repair the damage my slack parenting has caused {g}]

This little scene was planned, and 'choreographed' by ds1 and ds2. They agreed on the 'costume', the 'script', and ds1 created the music. I knew absolutely nothing about it until they showed me the finished result on ds1's little 50 quid camera that he bought from his savings. It's a one-off. Unique. And fun.

If you were to ask my kids whether they are interested in dance or drama you would get a firm 'no'. No amount of persuasion or bribery would get either of them to sign up for a drama, dance or music-related workshop (believe me, I've tried!). Yet, here they are, demonstrating so many skills. I guess sometimes the best things are created just because they are fun to do.

Hey, who needs those overrated and expensive Stage schools...?{g}

Oh, and here is one of the out-takes...

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Carolyn said...

FANTASTIC!!!!!!! LURVE the outake too..Fabulous. So worth the long term damage to your boys mentally!
Really made me think of my lot....I have a fab one from a few years ago that i took before the boys realised it videoed as well as took photos!!
Hmm,might be worth digging that one out of the archives...