Saturday, 7 July 2012

It's been a while since I've seen...

...the table.

And perhaps you can understand why.

Of course, each item, is in it's own way, educational.  Like this home-made model - er - something.

Or the (unfinished) volcano. The recipe for (unfinished, but in progress) elderflower champagne. The (slightly massacred) plasticine cutaway model of the structure of The Earth and the god-knows-what-it's-for -electronicky-looking thing behind those pliers and battery.

Now these I can explain. The sand is for warhammer. The home-made balsa wood models (painted to look realistic) are for warhammer. The dismantled plastic dinosaur jaw is for moulding into something for warhammer. I can't vouch for the purpose of the plastic tub, giant cork and cling film.
 This is a tub of crumbled plaster of paris (left over from making the volcano) and some waterproof matches that got sodden while ds1 was camping in a bivvy in the garden.  Purpose to be decided.

 The beginnings of a model tree (made with wire and masking tape), plus one of our many pairs of scissors that we've lost this week. And a magnifying tub thingy for putting bugs in (possibly with bug).

Home-made 'grass' for warhammer and my tea strainer. Lighter (probably because the matches weren't as waterproof as the box claimed) and my kitchen knife that I would really like back in the kitchen, even though it is covered in tiny bits of polystyrene pizza base.

 My kitchen pestle and mortar. Complete with unidentified grey 'powder'. In background is some polystyrene packaging due to be made into a model building.

 Camera tripod and video camera (for the film the boys have been making), plus sunglasses (prop for actors) and a pink feather that was going to be made into a fishing fly thingy. Plus a mini file (for filing the flashing off warhammer models) and a tub of fish food (nope, don't know what that's doing there).

Polystyrene pizza base (used as a target for BB gun), plus a bit more of dinosaur carcass, plus box of warhammer.

 Tubing (for volcano), empty pot noodle tub, waterproofing spray and other assorted weird items.

Paint. Glue. Paintbrushes. Super glue. Chick peas in a plastic tub (these were my baking beans, now being used for some other child-related purpose).

And no. The floor isn't looking much better, either.


Anonymous said...

It's fantastic to see all this creativity, I'd rather see all that than a bare, boring table.

Ruth said...

Well if that's your idea of HE grinding to a halt I wouldn't like to see the table when you are busy :)

Lisa White said...

That to me looks like a lot of fun is being had at your house! HE done the right way = a messy house I fear x

BTW I left I reply to your question about redox reactions:

Jennifer Williams said...

I have just shown and read this to my husband to prove to him that, in actual fact, our table is immaculately tidy!!!! He remains unconvinced however - how's your kitchen worktops looking??!!

Jen x

Big mamma frog said...

Last time I looked there was there was at least room for a saucepan and a mug, but today I'm not even looking.

Jennifer Williams said...

lol - supernoodles for tea again then!

Ross Mountney said...

Yes - I completely forgot what our table looked like at times too when we were home edding! Now, they're moving onto Uni and other things it's alarmingly tidy - now I've got what I wished for and I don't like it!! Isn't it always the way?!