Friday, 29 June 2012

Postal 'Culture Swaps' - Good or bad?

As we've been doing a bit of a country/continent theme we signed up today for The Worldwide Culture Swap I'm not sure what will come of it, but after I explained what it entailed dd liked the idea of sending packages from our country - or, rather, receiving packages! So, if nothing else, it will add a bit of life to our flagging HE :)

We've had a stab at Postcrossing  before. It seemed like a great idea, but, tbh, it was me who ended up writing and sending the postcards and it was me who was ooooing and ahhhing over the ones that were returned, without even a glimmer of interest from any of my bunch.  Perhaps a parcel of THINGS will be different?

I also looked into the Flat Stanley project, but I can just imagine my kids' faces when I explain that not only do they have to write a 'journal' to send to someone, but they'll be expected to read the one that is returned. Things, rather than words, make more of an impression on my kids :)

Has anyone tried any of these projects? What has your experience been?


Rachel said...

This sounds like a great idea, so I'll be interested to see how you get on. My son hates writing, but I think he would also like the idea of receiving "stuff" instead!

Jennifer Williams said...

This lady has made the most organised package - How she has the time and motication I'm not sure but it may give you some ideas!! I have momentarily considered these types of swap then decided I'd be mad and moved swiftly on - Good luck!!

Jen x

Big mamma frog said...

Yikes! I don't think our packages will be quite THAT good ;)

Thankfully with the Jubilee and the Olympics there are numerous cheap British/English themed items in shops at the moment, so we can have our pick of flags. There is no shortage of tourist leaflets here, either.

I suppose I'll find out in a while whether this was a good idea, or not :)

Sarah said...

That does look interesting. We've done Flat Travelling a number of times over the years. Was always difficult to get swaps outside the US though.

That does look interesting and much more controlled. Like the agreement on time. Some of our flat travellers took over a year to come home with some never making it at all.

Think we'll have a go too.

Belzi said...

we've done Flat travelling on and off for a few years now. we currently have 2 visiting. As my children have got older, they're more responsible for doing the journal themselves, but I have written it up for them in the past, dictated by them. We've had some good swaps and some not so good ones and some do get lost along the way :( We've swapped in the US, Australia, Zimbabwe, England and Egypt. I'd recommend doing it at least once :)

Jennifer Williams said...

Try sparklebox for some London photographs? cake topper flags? the money of course, recipes? shepherds pie? malt loaf? Is that even English lol? victoria sponge? fish and chips? fry up? You could do wierd things we eat like tripe..... you could send a random teacup from a bootsale - or a miniature china teaset from the pound shop - you could do a thing on addresses in the UK - quite different from American ones - counties, postcodes, street names, there must be a website on street names history somewhere!! Castles? Highland games? some of those random festivals where people chase cheese down a hill? Bog swimming? Mayday and maypoles? seaside traditions - beach huts, rock, light houses (send a pebble and a bit of sand/driftwood/sea pottery - see ebay!) any good? Still rather you than me tbh!!

Andy Hoang said...


Thanks for bringing the Worldwide Culture Swap to my attention - I'd not seen this one before and I am always keen to learn about postal swaps.

I am currently arranging a similar swap called "Our place in a box". The idea is to get your kids to make a box with things related to your area in. A shoebox should be fine. So far we've got 3 teacher training universities involved (I work at one of them), but I'd love to have a box in from a homeschool.

If you want to take part, head on over to Schoolswaps and sign up. It's all free, I just do this as a hobby!