Thursday, 12 July 2012

In the brief interval between rain and more rain...

...some guy ran past with a flame.

and we've done a few jigsaws  (dd is covering up the gaps left by the missing pieces...that's what you get for buying jigsaws in junk shops)

And a bit of plasticine geography geology  Earth Science stuff

Making a volcano (using the oh no not volcano making again kit that I nearly got rid of) . Yet to be subjected to the bicarb treatment, but I'm working up a trickle of enthusiasm.

Dd gets her fencing kit, ready for moving from mini fencing to foil fencing in Autumn.

We start collecting and making things for our Worldwide Culture Swap. We will be swapping with Puerto Rico, two states in the USA and a family in Qatar (which I had to check up on a map just to prove to dh that yes, I did know where it was). Some of the swap packages that others have sent in the past look a bit, well, good, so I'm feeling the pressure to perform.



 Making elderflower champagne with the last few elderflowers we could find. See here for recipe from Channel 4 River Cottage.


peapod said...

Thanks for the heads-up about the Worldwide Culture Swap - I have just signed up.
Peas :)

globeonmytable said...

I love the idea of plasticine earth made of all the layers then cut in half. Just wonderful!

Lisa White said...

I love the plasticine earth too! You know I'm going to try it, I think my girls will love it too x Thanks x