Monday, 24 January 2011


The day started like this:

After months of swimming in brown sludge, the fish nearly die of shock as they realise they can finally see out of the tank. And yes, that fish really is floating upside down. See, even the fish in our house are weird.

Then this...Dd cleans the killer mould off her window with someone's (not mine!) toothbrush:

Then this...mother buys intellectual books at library to put on shelf so visitors think we do stuff other than watch repeats of The Simpsons all day:

Then this...Ds1 demonstrates his unnerving interest in weaponry:

And war:

Then this...Ds2 sees how long it takes before mother regrets buying him a lethal form of transport for Christmas:

Then this...Dd torments budgies at local park:

And then this...van breaks down and I'm left with these:

And this reading material (which is no help whatsoever):

And this: A very short introduction to Literary theory. Trust me. It's not short enough, even when read by torchlight in a broken down van.


Anonymous said...

So in summary: good, good, good, nice, interesting, happy, good then crap? Everything human was ok until a machine failed to fulfil its only purpose? Typical. I hope you got home and warmed up ok.

I was ridiculously grateful to my machine when the key fob opened the boot yesterday outside Lidl. How boring is life when things like that are good?

MadameSmokinGun said...

We had an upside-downy fish too. I think it's a protest. I also bought a book on World religions for my lot. I looked thro' it once - started slow and open-minded but soon the flicking grew faster until I slammed the back cover over sneering 'what a load of bollocks'. Not a very tolerent example to my impressionable little minds. Hope you're van's better. Speaking from our latest experience of all of us squeezing into a tin-pot courtesy go-kart - I feel your pain. But it might just still be mine.....