Monday, 17 January 2011

Strange happenings.

I've never thought of our road as particularly unusual or interesting. It's a fairly normal suburban road. Nothing much (as far as I've noticed) ever really happens there. But this week I am rethinking my perspective.

On Saturday I stepped out of my front garden onto the pavement with my cow-print shopping trolley and furry granny boots (very stylish) to go to the greengrocers.

I closed the gate and as I turned round a guy, 6ft plus, built like a brick outhouse, walked past me with a knife a foot long and at least 3 inches across. He seemed happy, cheery even, gripping the wooden handle and swinging the knife in its grey sheath to-and-fro as he strolled along.

Granny boots made a hasty retreat.

And then today a friend arrived at our house saying 'I've just seen a dalek at the end of your road' and then showed me the photo on her phone. True enough, as me and the kids got to the end of the street some students in their twenties were loading a life-sized dalek into a van.

All I can say is:
if you think home educators were weird, you should see our neighbours.


Stephanie said...

I had to go look up dalek, as even after I saw the picture I had no idea what it was. :)
It's been thirty years since I've watched Doctor Who, and that one was much different than the new, I suspect. (But I did love it, then.)

Hannah said...

love it :~)